CS371p Week of 21 Sep — 27 Sep

What did you do this past week?

In this past week of class, I finished the voting project & we learned about using addresses, references, & constants. I’ve been positive with COVID so it’s been really hard trying to keep up with school, but I’m managing.

What’s in your way?

I’m going to look over my project to ensure I have everything in the repo that I need to get full credit. I also have a midterm this week on Wednesday for Algorithms so we will see how it goes since it’s the first exam! It’s definitely going to be a busy week especially getting used to online classes first rounds of midterms.

What will you do next week?

Finish up all of my tasks/assignments for other classes pretty early so that I can have plenty of time to study for my upcoming midterms. It should be interesting to see how it goes.

What was your experience of values, addresses, references and consts? (this question will vary, week to week)

I have a good understanding of the topics we covered this week as they’re not new to me. I have taken a C++ with Downing before, but also going back over these topics has been a great refresher. A lot of people really don’t like C++, but I find these topics to be very interesting and fun part of the language.

What made you happy this week?

I was in the process of finishing the voting project with my partner and our code was having big issues. So, I was really worried it was going to eat up a lot of my time, but we fixed it super quick and got it done as well as passing all the HackerRank tests on the first try. I was very psyched and so was my partner.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

A publisher I really enjoy is The Open Notebook, if you’re interested in reading about the stories behind scientific discoveries it’s great. I really enjoy reading about science and they do a really good job of summarizing studies to where I can learn while not having to read a 20-page paper.